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Soldier On Book Review and a GIVEAWAY!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2018
I interrupt this blogging silence to bring you some really important news. My friend wrote a book. And it's really good. You really should navigate over to Amazon or B&N and order one for yourself...or even better order three so  you can give two away because this book would make an EXCELLENT Christmas gift!!
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This book is totally worth your time. When I started reading it I felt an immediate connection with the characters and I am pretty sure if they were real people we would be friends...which is why it was so hard to finish the book. I wanted to keep learning more and more about these characters and their incredible story (but good news...there are more books in the series). This book is transparent, authentic and doesn't shy away from struggles, doubt, being scared in the face of war, grace and forgiveness. It's is filled with hope, love and even more grace. It's not some cheesy Christian fiction with war thrown in on the side getting nearly overlooked. It is a book that feels so real it's as though it is someone's personal diary. I have never been to war, my spouse is not in the military but I feel like I have a small glimpse of what the men and women who fight for our country go through. Do yourself a favor and go get a copy for yourself...and maybe some Kleenex to go with it. It feels so real it may even make you cry like it did to me. If any book should be made into a movie this would be one of them!! I cannot wait to read the next two books in the series. I cannot wait to see the characters relationships deepen and learn more of their backstory and see where the future takes them. I hope you get this book soon so that you have some good reading material for the road trips and little breaks around the holidays!!
.Here's a little Summary

He’s fighting for his country.
She’s praying for his safety.
When tragedy strikes, can their marriage and faith survive?
Charlie and Meg Winters are no strangers to the military life and the challenges it brings. But when an IED rips through his convoy killing his friends, the loss proves almost too much to bear.
Meg finds her trust in Christ wavering, and secrets she’s been keeping for years drive a wedge between her and her husband.
What if everything Meg believes is a lie?
What if Charlie finds out what she's done?
Can Meg and Charlie save their marriage or will the horrors of war and the ghosts of their past tear them apart and forever shipwreck her faith?
You can find it at Amazon, B&N, and elsewhere!!

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AND....there's a giveaway. Check out all these awesome goodies that someone has to might as well be you!!
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Hamlette (Rachel) said...

This is DEFINITELY going to be a Christmas gift to some of my friends. It's excellent!

Erin and Cody said...

The Kleenex is definitely a good idea! And a cup of coffee to go with it!

Heidi Reads... said...

Great review! This book sounds like an important one to read.

Gina said...

Sounds so good! Thanks for the great review!

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