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Blind drawing fun with kids

Saturday, July 07, 2018
Every so often we have family game nights. We play board games or cards and it's getting even more fun as the kids get older. 

Some times we have game DAYS. Each person gets to pick one activity that they would like to do and they write it on a piece of paper. We put all the papers in a hat and pick one out and do what the paper says. This time on the 4th of July we picked out 5 papers and scheduled our say as some things needed a certain time because of meals and naps.

My middle daughter wanted to draw or paint. When we picked her paper we asked her what she wanted to draw or paint and we tried to give her some ideas. But she had her own idea. She wanted us to draw certain pictures but there was a catch...we all had to close our eyes and we couldn't know what we were drawing ahead of time. The person who was giving the instructions could keep their eyes open and then just had to tell everyone what to draw and where to put it. It proved to be very fun and we all enjoyed this activity. Everyone took a turn leading the drawings and it was really fun to see what we all were able to draw with our eyes closed.

So if you have some time to kill and need a quick and fun game to play with your kids grab some paper and pencils and have fun with this little activity. 

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