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newborn photography

Saturday, June 17, 2017
I am so out of practice when it comes to newborn photography. In fact I think the last newborn I photographed was my little man who is about to turn 2...but I could be wrong...I just know it's been a long while. So, while out of practice, I still know a few things and was able to get some cute shots of this adorable little brother for some  new friends at our church. I have a pretty good track record of newborns NOT sleeping through their sessions. I tend to keep them on high alert and so getting the super squishy, flexible, sleeping photos are tough. This little man was the same...but we managed to get a few cute shots. I really hope you like them Joanna and Caleb. Thank you so much for letting me snuggle your little man for a bit and for trusting me with these precious memories!! Here are a few of my favorite shots!!

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