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two seniors in one day...

Wednesday, September 28, 2016
Even though I am not currently marketing my photography I am more than happy to have sessions with people. I love that I have a little bit of word of mouth advertising happening for me! In fact, I have photographed more Class of 2017 seniors than any class since moving to Tennessee five years ago! It is so much fun to work with the Seniors...they are so full of life, up for anything and they listen to directions!!! Ha! Which is saying something when you're used to working with 3 and 5 year olds!!

This past weekend I was able to photograph two seniors from different schools at the same location. My friend from church had asked me about photographing her son well before his senior year started. She knew she wanted the photos taken in the fall right before the cotton was going to be harvested. It is almost cotton pickin time so we made sure to make it happen. Eli had a half a day of school last Friday so we met at his grandfather's farm. It was a WARM fall day but we survived and got some great shots.

Another friend heard about us going to the farm for the senior photos and asked if she and her daughter could tag along! I was flattered that they wanted to do so and that they wanted me to take Megan's photos. We had a great time and I am excited for them to see the photos I got.

Tammy and Rebecca I hope you are pleased with these photos of your incredible kiddos!! Here are a few sneak peeks!!

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