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hand print easter lilies!

Wednesday, April 06, 2016
Originally posted on A Glimpse Inside Blog

I love making crafts with my kids...sometimes. But most of the time if I'm completely honest I'm not really in the mood to craft with my kids because I have a certain way I like to do things. I am learning to let them do the projects themselves and not try to fix things (unless they ask for help)...but I'm not perfect. I still need to work on giving up control! 
I also don't like cleaning up huge messes that my kids inevitably make when they craft so often times I just let them color. They've gotten to the point recently where they are pretty good about cleaning up certain things so I let them do some things alone, but coloring and play-doh is about the extent of it. I like high impact crafts that don't take a lot of time, make a huge mess or involve tons of that is what I have for you today. 
A personalized, simple to make, mess free craft. 
Just in time for Easter!

You will need...
-yellow pipe cleaner (we ran out so we used orange)
-green pipe cleaner

Start by tracing your child's hands...

Then cut out their hand print (I usually cut out two sheets of paper at once so I have more flowers without more tracing!) Roll the fingers back on a pencil to make them curl!

Next, cut the yellow pipe cleaner in 4ths...use 1/4 and curl it around a pencil. 

Tape the yellow pipe cleaner to the back side of the hand (not the direction the fingers are curled in towards). Tape the green pipe cleaner right by the yellow one.

Curl the hand towards the pipe cleaners so the two sides meet. Your curled fingers should be facing outwards...tape it at the bottom.

Then, I wrap the green pipe cleaner around the base of the flower a few times but you certainly don't have to!

 It is that simple! 
And the only mess is from cutting out the hand prints! Easy peasy!

And they look quite beautiful on your table for Easter. 
They certainly won't smell as good as Easter lilies but they will last MUCH longer than real ones!!!

I'd love to see your Easter lilies too!

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