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a gift for louis markos

Monday, April 25, 2016
I was honored to be asked by the art teacher at my children's school to create a gift to give to the speaker at our big spring fundraiser. It was a little intimidating to create something for such an esteemed and well respected person whom I didn't know much about (personally). 

Usually when I create a piece I have an idea from the person about colors, font type etc. I was given free reign with this but asked to make it somewhat simple. So that is what I did (after I made a more elaborate one). 

Louis Markos is a professor in English at Houston Baptist university. He is a known scholar of works by C.S. Lewis and J.R.R Tolkein...which are obviously beloved authors of classical schools (which is the type of school my children attend).  I was asked to write a quote written by Tolkien in which he spoke of C.S.Lewis. 

I think Dr. Markos liked it...or maybe he was just being nice ;) But it was a joy to make this piece and the more elaborate one with the fire will be hanging at the school in the upper school students lounge!!

This is the piece that will be hanging in the student lounge at my kids school!
I still have this piece if anyone is interested in purchasing it.

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