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family photography

Saturday, November 01, 2014

What was supposed to be one of the coldest days of this year so far (not including January and Feburary since they seem to far in the past) turned out to be pretty nice. I was worried about my photo session and everyone having red noses and shivering faces but there was none of that. It was a bit brisk but not too cold and the light was b-e-a-utiful!! 

I am so excited that Melissa asked me to take these family photos! What a joy  and pleasure it was to work with such a sweet family. I met Melissa through a mutual friend and we actually worked at the same school last year. Her oldest and my oldest were in first grade together and Melissa and the girls would watch my little girls when my parents weren't able to, if I had to work. So, it was so fun to catch up and reconnect with these sweet friends.

I love it when my job is so much fun. I love it when I'm able to capture a family as they are and to preserve special memories for them. Kids grow up way to fast, so it's important to me to have photographs to remember these times and I love it when it's important to my clients/friends as well. I also love photographing families in new-to-me locations. This is just a road on the way out of town and we didn't think it would be too busy but that proved to be wrong. So we dodged a few cars but had great light and lots of laughs. These two sweet girls kept me on my toes and laughing.

Thank you Melissa for trusting me with these important memories. I am pleased with how these turned out and can't wait for you to see the rest as well. I hope you all like them!!


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