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Embroidered hand print pillow

Monday, January 20, 2014
As I was thinking about what to make for my mother-in-law for her retirement this summer I knew that I wanted it to be something that included kids...and what better than hand prints. I also knew that she didn't need another thing to put on her walls so a photo project was not the way to go. Since I love to sew and embroider I thought a hand print pillow would be perfect. I really enjoyed working on this and since I loved it so much I decided to make one for my mom for her birthday today as well!! Now, I'm thinking the possibilities are endless and I'd love to create one for you as well.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for that grandparent that has everything? Well look no further! How about a hand print pillow? It's amazing how fast kids grow up. Before I know it I'll be a grandparent and want one of these! ha! okay, let's not move time THAT fast, but seriously kids do grow up super fast. I think I'll make myself one of these before I am a grandparent though!!

We've all seen so many really neat different hand print projects for kids to do from wall hangings to calendars to aprons but how about an embroidered hand print pillow. These are such great and personal gifts for those you love! And they don't require you to have any more wall space...which is something I love. Everyone can always use another pillow!!! Let me know how I can help make a hand print pillow for someone you love! The customization of these pillows is almost limitless from the color of the thread to the type of fabric to the shape of the pillow. How about a heart shaped pillow with hand prints...hmmm, maybe that's what I'll make for myself!!
 These pillows have an envelope style back in case you need to wash the cover and the stitches are tied so they should not come out in the wash! But you still must take good care of them if you need to wash them.

 $50 for a pillow with up to five hand prints (12x12 pillow) and $5 for each additional hand print after that. Send me a message today so I can get started creating one for you!!

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