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hannah is three...

Saturday, October 12, 2013
I hear from a lot of people that their third child is their "wild child" and I'm just glad I'm not alone. Hannah has been a spunky little girl from the get-go. She's got a zeal for life a desire for independence and a tough exterior that makes her one amazing little girl. She's is hilarious and such a cutie and those two things keep her from getting into more trouble...which may not be a good thing ;). She's been a go-getter since before she could walk and I don't see any signs of her slowing down just yet. I wonder if I was as much of a wild child as Hannah is, since I am a third child as well...I'll have to ask my mom! Please don't think that wild means me it means that they have a totally different personality than the other kids, that rules and consequences that work for the other kids don't seem to apply to her but that she loves with reckless abandon and wants to make people happy. She listens intently sometimes but not if she doesn't want to. She has an independence in her that rivals my own. But she's so sweet and loving and I cannot imagine my life without her. This sweet spunky girl is definitely three...and I am excited to watch her grow and learn even more this coming year!




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