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tshirts to maxi skirt

Saturday, August 31, 2013
Now that I'm working outside my home I can no longer wear my "mom uniform" (yoga pants and a tshirt). So I've had to get creative with the seven pieces of clothes that I have that are actually acceptable to wear in public to my job...and that don't make me feel totally uncomfortable. I've even gotten brave enough to wear two different skirts. Don't drop over in shock!! I really do not generally wear skirts...ever. Okay, maybe on Easter and to a wedding but that's it. But that may change...if I continue to find skirts as comfortable as the ones I wore this week. I saw the idea for this skirt on pinterest....another shocker right (although now I can't find it, go figure)?! 

I was able to make this skirt in about 45 minutes and it cost me $9...well, actually a little less than $9 because each shirt was $3 and I didn't use any shirt in its entirety. I just cut the shirts under the armpits and cut the bottom hem off the black and green shirts. I kept the hem on the white shirt so that I wouldn't have to create a new hem! Then I sewed the shirts together using a zig-zag stitch and created a casing for my elastic, put elastic in and I had a skirt! Now, since I'm no "sewing with knits" expert this skirt does have a few areas that pucker a bit between the green and black because it stretched more than it should have but once I ran my iron over it that helped smooth it out a bit (go figure, an iron making things smooth! ha!).  

This skirt is SOOOO comfortable! It's the next best thing to my yoga pants!! I still get to wear tshirts to work...they are just disguised as a cute skirt! I have a few more shirts in my closet that I am planning on using for another skirt! At this rate, I could be wearing skirts much more often...but don't hold me to it!

What have you made lately with old (or new cheap) tshirts?
Lucy, Murray and Ginny's Mom said...

Super CUTE! I may have to give that a try with some old t-shirts I have lying around :)

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