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abi's first independence day and fireworks photographs

Saturday, July 06, 2013
Yay! Abi was so happy to celebrate her first Independence Day..she really had no idea what was going on but she was a good sport! I took her outside and got a few photos while Hannah was napping before we headed to our friends house. Unfortunately once Hannah woke up it was raining outside so I couldn't get any great outdoor photos with all the kids...but I can try again some other time!

 This photo was shared earlier but I just can't get over how cute these sweet kids are! God is good!!

 Our friends put on their own fireworks show in their front yard. I've never really been that close to fireworks before and yes I was a little nervous. I sat there and thought about all the things that could go wrong and just started to get really scared inside my head. Then I decided to forget it. I know that God is in control and that He is sovereign so I will trust Him and enjoy the show. The fireworks were lots of fun to watch and the kids had a blast as well. We got home pretty late but that's least it's not the 4th of July every day!

Here are a few photos from the fireworks fun!

 Micah had no fear and LOVED playing with the sparklers!!

 Trying to write USA!!

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