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five month old little lady

Friday, March 15, 2013
I think it's so funny that Abi smiles ALL THE TIME but I'm unable to capture it on my camera. Well, I can capture it sometimes but it seems like when I really want her to smile she doesn't. I guess she's just taking after her big sister Hannah...who only smiles when SHE wants to. Well, Abi is five months old already and really starting to develop her personality. She is starting to talk a lot more and it's so funny when she does because she sticks her tongue out to talk. She hasn't mastered the rolling over yet, but again she's not on the ground too much ALONE to practice. There's always a big brother or sister right by her side (or on top of her) when she's on the ground so she doesn't have much space to practice. She did find her feet this month and loves to take her socks off. She's proficient at putting her paci back in her mouth which is a huge blessing in the middle of the night. She's not into a great routine yet but she's getting consistent. She goes to bed between 7-8pm and usually sleeps until about 3-4am and then she'll eat and sleep again till 7-8am. For about two weeks she was consistently sleeping until 5am and I was LOVING that...but then she stopped and went back to 3am. Bummer. She is truly a happy baby and brightens up the day of those around her and those who get to witness her big smiles! Blessed to call her mine!!

I shared this photo on instagram and facebook the other day...sometimes I am lucky and capture her joy!

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