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four months old

Thursday, February 21, 2013
My baby is four months old already! I know I've said this a million times before but sometimes it's really hard for me to think about me having FOUR kids. To think that these little kids are mine and Greg's. They belong to us as a gift from God. They are under the care of Greg and I. I always thought I'd have three kids when I was younger. My mom had three kids. My mother-in-law had three kids. Three seems like a good number. But once Hannah was born I kind of felt like our family wasn't quite complete. 

When I found out that I was pregnant with Abi (which wasn't planned by the way, but one of the BEST surprises in the world) I thought it would be SO hard and strange to have four kids. I thought that I'd never get a moment to myself again with four little people clamoring for my time. And while they do require a lot of work and attention I do get moments to myself. Yes, most of those moments happen after 8pm but that's least I get those moments! I simply cannot imagine my life without my smiley little Abi girl. She is such a SWEET baby and even though she's only four months old she's a huge part of our family and we just wouldn't be the same without her. Everyone in our family is so in love with Abi and really why wouldn't you be! She's so cute and has a smile for anyone who talks to her! Yeah, so maybe that doesn't make me so special if she'll smile at anyone but I don't care. Her smiles make the bad days seem good and the good days are fantastic with her smiles as part of them.

Abi is starting to want to sit up and I'm convinced that she'd be rolling over by now if I felt more comfortable to leave her on the floor for more than one minute. Hannah just loves her SO much and is all over her like a cheap suit. The other day I had Abi in her bouncy seat while I was making dinner and turned away for a second only to turn back around and see Hannah sitting on Abi's lap. Oy vey. That girl is so loving! Ha! Abi loves to sit up and see what's going on around her. She's very strong and even tries to sit up when I lay her on the floor. The nurse at the pediatricians office said she looked like a little turtle that had gotten turned over onto its shell. So true. She's an amazing little girl and I am so glad that God saw it in His infinite wisdom to add Abi to our family, can't imagine life without her.

Here is Abi at four months old 13 pounds and 25 inches!

I didn't do calendar photos with Naomi when she was a baby but here are Hannah and Micah's four month photos just to give a frame of reference for Abi's!

Hannah at four months old -14 pounds 15oz and 25 inches

Micah at four months old - 17 pounds 4 oz 26.75 inches

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