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number 2 shaped cake

Monday, October 15, 2012
Hello friends, I hope that you are doing great and had an incredible weekend!!

Last Friday was Hannah's 2nd birthday, which I'm sure you already knew! I couldn't decide what kind of cake to make for her...not which flavor but which design/character/etc. Greg had a great idea (again! he's been on a roll lately)! He said, "why not make a "2" cake?" I thought that was a great idea!! So Thursday night at 10:40pm I put the cakes in the oven (nothing like waiting till the last minute). While the cake baked I sewed the 2 on little Hannah's shirt!! Procrastination at its finest!

I wanted to share here how I made the 2 because it took some thinking through in order to make it happen. Yes, it was easy to make but just wanted to save y'all the hassle of thinking ;). Here's how I made her 2 cake!

I baked the cake in my grandmas old jello mold and a loaf pan. The jello mold took 22 minutes to bake and the loaf pan cake took 30 minutes so make sure to check with a toothpick and don't assume they'll be done at the same time.

I traced the jello mold and then folded the circle in half 4 times then I cut a two part section off hoping it would be a good size to make the top curving part of the two! Lucky guess, it worked great!

I used the little cut paper piece as a cutting template for myself. Then I put the cake on my foil lined baking sheet and made it look like a 2.

I took the loaf cake and cut it in half the long way and cut each half in half. I put the top halves aside because they were uneven and I knew I wouldn't need them. Then I put frosting between the two layers of the bottom of the 2 and a little frosting between the parts where the curve met.

I then put the cake in the freezer for a bit so I could frost it without a ton of crumbs. 

One trick I've learned is to put some wax paper under the edges of the cake so that the frosting doesn't get on the plate. 

I do a crumb's just a thin layer of frosting that the crumbs that will inevitably get mixed into the frosting come up into the frosting. After the crumb coat is on I put it back in the freezer for about 30 minutes and then I'll put the final layer of frosting and decorations on the cake.

Just had to share this photo! A good way to remember my little girls huge belly and her 2 cake!

I added one more layer of frosting...smoothed things out the best I could and added a few pink decorations. I was finishing up the decorating AT my parents house right before dinner...again, procrastination at its finest!

My awesome crazy family at Hannah's birthday party!! My parents cooked one of my favorite meals and I'm so grateful it was so delicious!! We had a great day celebrating Hannah!!!!

Just wanted to show you how to make a number 2 shaped birthday cake! Hope it can come in handy for you and your 2 year old sometime! Have a great weekend!


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