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snow day

Tuesday, February 15, 2011
It's not every year that it snows in San Antonio, in fact we've never seen snow since we moved here three and a half years ago...but some people haven't seen snow and they've lived here their whole lives. So wouldn't you guess, that it would snow in San Antonio the weekend that Greg and I were out of town (visiting the congregation in Jackson, TN that has extended him a call to be their pastor and by the way, he'll make a decision and announce to both churches on Sunday morning). But at least the big kids were home with grammy and papa and got to experience their first San Antonio snowfall....or should I say snow dusting. Yes, folks the city shut down (so I hear) and yes it was less than 1/4 of an inch of snow. But when you don't ever see snow it is a big deal.

The kids had to make their snow angels on the driveway because the grass was too warm for the snow to even stick. My parents bundled them up nice and good so they would stay warm in the 20 degree weather... I know that's nothing for you northerners (trust me I know I lived in Milwaukee till I was 24) but when it's 80 one day and then 20 the next, it feels pretty cold. They enjoyed the snow for the little time it was around and Naomi is already asking for more. Sorry sweetheart I don't think it will snow anymore in San Antonio this year!

Here are some photos that my mom took of the kids playing in the snow!

Kendra Lepak said...

I think it is cute that they made snow angels in the driveway. :) and i love your pics!! I had to giggle when i saw how much snow it was!! lol :) It was 40 degrees here in WI this weekend and I was out in my sweatshirt thinking, "oh, it's so warm!" lol :) I'm just hoping for no more snow storms!!!! :)
You have such cute kids, Jamie!! :)

Theresa said...

Love the snow angels in the driveway :)

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