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a new year...a new me?

Friday, January 21, 2011
So with the new year upon us...
(can you believe January is almost OVER?!)
and with me being more intentional about things,
let me tell you a little bit about what has been going on over at our house.

We are going to try to get further out of debt.
We've already been successful at finishing payments on one of Greg's student loans.
*insert happy dance*
We WILL be better about keeping up with our budget each month.
Part of that budget will include planning ahead...
for things like vacation, Christmas, parties, etc.
Setting a little bit aside each month to make sure
we can pay cash for things is SO important.

So when we go on vacation we have the money we need for gas and food and stuff.
Thinking about vacation has me thinking about our luggage.
Most of our luggage is in pretty good condition,
but this Delsey Luggage is pretty awesome.
It looks so sturdy, like it could withstand being strapped to the top of the van...
because with three kids and a two week car trip we may need to do that.

Another thing we are doing is trying to simplify, get rid of things,
stop buying things we don't really need.
Part of this also includes moving some furniture around
to make our floor plan work better for us.
We currently have my grandfathers old roll top desk in our kitchen,
we are planning on moving it to the entry way of the house.
It will hold all my antique cameras.
We will move the cedar chest
which is currently at the entry way to the living room,
it's already full of blankets so we figured that would be a good place.

So, in the kitchen we'll have a little more space for playing, learning,
and just being together since that's what the kitchen is for right?
I'd love to get a kid size table and chairs in there too. Something like this

or this

or this

and I know Greg would love for us to have something like this.

This year I am going to be more intentional about meal planning too.
If we plan more meals, we'll eat out less, spend less money on groceries,
(since we'll actually know what we're going to be eating)
and we'll be eating healthier meals as well.
Yes, of course I'll still be baking (I'm not giving that up)
but it's just so nice to have a plan and to be able to know
that dinner will be taken care of and I don't need to fret at 4:30
about what I'm going to make.

It's so awesome how having a budget and a meal plan
can really make your life less stressful.
You'd think that by having the structure of each of those things
you may feel as though you have no freedom.
But having a budget and a meal plan really make me feel more free.

So a few weeks into the new year and I feel good.
Now, let's hope I can implement a few other things
that I need to be intentional about,
and stick with the things that I know I need in order to be a happier
less stressed, a little more in control (in a good way) person.

Oh and one more thing.
We've been "unplugging" more and more.
Trying to go without TV as much as possible...
and it's soooooo good for the kids and after Micah
gets over the initial "we're not watching TV today"
he forgets about it and has a great time playing with Naomi,
playing with his cars, reading books, etc.
And it's been good for me too...
not spending as much time on the computer,
(thus the weekly blog posts instead of a consistent daily post)
and spending more time sewing and crafting
(look for some felt food in my etsy store in a week or so).

Looks like it's going to be a GREAT year!

Check back soon for a review from the CSN stores!!!
km said...

You've got a TON of FANTASTIC ideas to make 2011 sensational!!! THANK you for the LOVELY THANK YOU I got in the mail the other day. You have such a beautiful way with words. MAY YOUR 2011 bring you JOY and LOVE and EVERYTHING on your list. :):):)

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