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guest post - Chrissy

Wednesday, October 13, 2010
I'm so excited to introduce you to Chrissy!
She blogs over at Traveling Light and you're gonna love her blog once you read it.
She tells it like it is and enjoys being a mama to three little ones.
We both love the Cardinals and have little 4 year old girls,
not to mention lots of other little common interests!
So, without further's Chrissy.

As a mother, there are some things that you know FOR SURE your children will NEVER do. You just know it. You know that they would never have a complete meltdown at church (of all places). They would never use a marker on the television screen to draw a pretty smiley face, and they would never take their diaper off when it's full of poop.

Just never.

And among the things I knew my children would never do, the following was most certainly on the top of my list.

Sometime last summer I took my oldest son Caleb to get his hair cut like I usually do. This time, however, I went to a "new" girl at a place I had only been to one time before. It was literally her first day, and while she was very nice, it took her a very long time, and Caleb began to get a little antsy. Overall she did a good job ( ok job), but evidently he did not sit still enough for his bangs to be cut correctly.

So that evening I got out my husband's hair clippers and scissors and worked on Caleb's hair while we were in kids' bathroom. After we were done, I gave Caleb a bath. He looked so handsome.

The next morning I was in the kitchen, probably eating cereal or making coffee, and I heard Sarah go into the bathroom. I didn't really think anything of it; she had officially been potty trained by then and was working on doing everything on her own anyway. I noticed she was taking a while - a long while - so I thought I'd better go check on her. At that point my only fear was that she was messing with the toilet paper.

Until I walked into the bathroom and realized...

...I had left the hair clippers in there.

That's right. My sweet daughter took a huge chunk out of her own hair with daddy's hair clippers. My heart sank. I couldn't believe I forgot about them and left them in there instead of putting them away the night before.

Since the chunk was to one side of her head, I quickly realized that I would need to start parting her bangs to one side in hopes that I could cover the travesty. And it seemed to work. This picture was taken the same day after she had already used the clippers on her bangs:

The ones who knew us personally never realized Sarah had a huge chunk cut out of her hair. I was able to cover it up pretty well!

But I certainly learned my lesson.

And I'm also learning to take everything off of my "they will NEVER do that" list. It's a hard realization!
Theresa said...

She looks great with a side swept bang! Glad you were able to cover it up.

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