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guest post - Amanda

Friday, October 15, 2010
Hey everyone, I'm excited for you to meet Amanda!
She's got tons of great crafty ideas and projects
and today she's going to show you some of her favorites!
She's also about to have a baby so send some baby blessings that way too!
Here's Amanda

Hello Pure Joy Readers! My name is Amanda and I hang out and craft over at Every Crafty Endeavor! I am excited to be here today while Jamie is out with her new little one!

I am married to a great guy named Spencer and together we have an adorable little guy named Quinn and are expecting a baby girl in November. I love being a mom! When I am not working part-time or chasing Quinn around the house I love to spend time being crafty, creating new things, re-doing old things and making yummy food! I love seeing ideas become reality! It is so fun to see something you have made yourself! I also just opened up an ETSY store and have been busy making items for it as well.

A few of my recent projects include:

A picture collage from Thrift Store Frames

and some yummy cheddar bay biscuits

I have lot of fun tutorials listed on my blog and love to find new bloggers with lots of crafty ideas as well.

I would love if you would stop by and visit me! I love making new friends!

Thanks so much for having me today Jamie and I wish you the best of luck with your new little one!

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