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we're baaack

Monday, July 20, 2009
Yes, we are back from vacation...and have been since Friday afternoon. My cousin Lisa stopped by for the weekend on her LONG road trip and now we're starting to slowly get back into a routine.

The vacation was awesome.
Very relaxing.
Very fun.
Very much filled with way more time at the hospital than wanted.
Very enjoyable.
Very familyish.

There are lots of stories and even more photos to share but for now I leave you with just one. Check out this good looking family! Make sure to check back tomorrow for some stories and photos!

I also wanted to let you know that my handsome hubby will be posting on his blog regularly. He's going to be posting daily devotional thoughts throughout the work week. I encourage you to bookmark his blog and read and grow along with us.

See you tomorrow!

Holly said...

Thanks for posting the family picture. I "stole" it to place on my blog too. You of course are still getting the photography credit since it has your logo on it. :)

Rachel Hill said...

Was that a self timer??? Impressive if so! I couldn't even get 7 of us looking at once last week...

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