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vbs summary

Friday, July 10, 2009
Naomi LOVED VBS. Sarah and Erica said that she did a good job of listening and doing the crafts and didn't really get into too much trouble...although she did get hit one day...I say, better to get hit than do the hitting...

Here are some photos from the last day of VBS.
Naomi and her teachers, Sarah and Erica.
Naomi and some of her friends...Trey, Sophia and Caleigh.The VBS gang up on stage to sing some songs.Actions included...She must have been really excited. Check out the air...that girl can jump.Running for Micah's balloon before they were all finished.Time for the VBS closing prayer by my handsome hubby!The gang...Micah had gotten a balloon from Jiffy Lubes customer appreciation days. It came in handy as a way to find that little walker!!same color!

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