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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I captured this little (blurry) video of Micah the other day while Naomi was still napping. It's been kinda fun lately to have them on the nap schedule they are on. Right after lunch Micah lays down for his nap...then Naomi and I play a little bit and mostly just read books. Then I lay her down for her nap and usually get about 45 minutes to myself. If Naomi actually naps then when Micah gets up we get to play together before Naomi gets up. It's fun to have some one on one time with them and to allow them to play without being hounded by the other one. If Naomi doesn't nap then Micah and I don't usually get any one on one time. that I wrote all that as if you care. Here's a little video of Micah talking and doing his little mouth thing. He usually does this mouth thing (that you will see a 1:22 in the video) without his tongue and it's so cute. But as I said (in my post on Monday) now that my camera is broken I won't be able to get that on video. At least I got this...even though it is will help me remember my cute, little, silly, Micah!

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