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i need your help...again...

Thursday, May 28, 2009
okay faithful blog readers, it's time for you to step forward and help me out (yes, again).

I am going to be featured on Give Away Today at the end of June and giving away a photo session and some prints. I am so excited for this opportunity and want to make a good impression. So in preparation for this event I am working on tweaking and repurposing my blog. I am trying to keep things current and clean. I wish I had more time and more knowledge to make this happen, but it will time.

Okay, so what do I need your help with? So glad you asked. I have to write what my company is about and provide three photographs for the blog post. I have NO IDEA which three photographs best sum up my work and my passion. This Give Away Today website mostly reaches mothers but I'm sure there are some younger readers as well. The spectrum of readers is probably pretty broad. So can you help me pick three photographs (or storyboards) that best summarize my work as a photographer. I also need to come up with a paragraph about me and my business. Do I just use what I have in my "who I am" section of my website? I have no idea. Suggestions will be taken for a week and then I may have you help me narrow it down to three after that. Just browse through my website or my photography blog or even this site to get some ideas.
Make sure to check out my photography blog for a little update with our visitors from this past weekend and I finally updated my creative blog again.
I'm not finished updating this blog but it's going to have to wait once again. Kimi and I were talking a lot this weekend about baby books and getting photos printed and making memory books and the such and it just got me motivated to work more on the kids baby books. So, I'm off to work on that for an hour or so.
And since no post is complete without a photo here's a cute shot of Micah from Tuesday!
mlorfeld said...

My Suggestions:
For a kid shot, this one of Naomi:

For a wedding shot: the one with Cory and Kristen kissing while the whole wedding party looks on

For a family shot:

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