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Thursday, May 07, 2009
photos from vacation.
The kids are having fun playing with grammy and papa!Naomi is obsessed with her "beautiful outfit" and wants to wear it all the time.I took a few photos of beautiful Evie the other day while over at Jen and Eric's house. You can see a few more here. Naomi and Asher had a table for two! Their first date. Arranged marriage is okay right?
After we picked up grammy from school we went to the park and the kids had a blast swinging and sliding!What a goof ball!We went to Concordia today...saw the stained glass window that I helped make. Yup, it's a permanent piece of CUW!Then we went over to Katie and Peter's house and got to hang out with Katie and their three adorable kids! Naomi and Roann had fun swinging!And the four bigger kids enjoyed the tire swing.Maya, Naomi and Trysten were playing house.Micah just liked climbing through the tent.Naomi and Maya rode the small four wheeler for about two wasn't really working.Roann was having fun swinging all by herself. Does this photo scream summer to you, or is it just me?Here's Katie with all three! So beautiful!All five kiddos! So fun! Good friends! Gotta love it!Love this girl! Thanks for having us over Katie, we had a great time. Thanks for lunch too! We miss you guys and hope we get to see you again before those cuties get too big!

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