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family time

Sunday, May 03, 2009
This weekend we've gotten to hang out with my dad's side of the family a lot. On Friday night I went to a scrapbooking session at a hotel with my sister and two of my aunts. They stayed and scrapped all day saturday too but I had other commitments. But while I was there on Friday, I was able to digitally scrap about 10 pages. I'll post them on my scrapbooking blog later.

The hotel they stayed at was the Country Springs and it has a huge indoor we took advantage. I went to church on Saturday night so the kids and I could go early Sunday morning to the water park. Since the scrapbooking was over this is what worked. My uncle Bruce brought his two kids up early too so we could all go swimming together. I was really excited and thought Naomi and Micah would be too. They were not as excited as me though. Micah was scared and didn't want to swim and Naomi was hesitant at best. We made her try some of the slides though and she really seemed to like them...even the one that twisted and turned that she had to go down by herself. She tried them each twice...even though she kept saying she didn't want to. I had a great time! It has been a long time since I've been to a water park. Tracey watched the kids so I could go down the water slides myself too. It was a blast. The kids were tuckered out by the time we quit. Micah fell asleep in the car after being in it for two minutes. We then went to Thunder Bay Grille for lunch and met my other aunt and uncle and my parents there as well. They have a tremendous brunch! We truly enjoyed the food and the company! It's always great to be with family.
The scrapbooking crew: Aunt Tina, me, Aunt Linda and Tracey
Clingy kids at the water park.The lazy river was a hit for everyone.Uncle Bruce and Naomi!Kaleigh (pronounced Cali), Naomi (what is she doing?) and Noah

Naomi and Noah got along famously!One wiped out little dude!My cute little cousin Kaleigh!The whole gang that gathered for lunch!
Holly said...

We had a similar experience when we took our kids to the Holiday Inn water park here. Noah just clung to whoever had him and didn't like being cold I think. Andrew got into it and warmed up to the slides once he got used to the water. I'm thinking they would have more fun now that they're a little older.

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