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Sunday, April 05, 2009
When Naomi saw grandma on Sunday, one of the first things she told grandma was, "you're gonna go to the zoo with me". And really, how can you say no to that. We planned on going to the zoo on Tuesday but since it was rainy and everything was wet we opted to go on Thursday. Amy, Jake, Sophia and Joshua met us there as well. We had a great time seeing the animals and they were much more active than they normally are. All the way to the zoo Naomi was talking about petting the goats and combing their hair so we made sure to get to that part of the zoo. We missed the elephants, giraffee, zebra, and lions because of this but that's why it's a good thing to get a season pass. If you come visit us we can all go to the zoo for free!
Naomi took this one...

Happy Birthday Author said...

Stopping by for Follow Me Friday. I saw your zoo post and had to check out the pics. I worked at a zoo the past two summers and just love zoos!

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