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a wedding brings visitors

Monday, April 27, 2009
We had a busy week last week but it was a totally fun week! Monday we spent most of the day cleaning as I mentioned earlier and it felt good to really get the whole house cleaned. No more piles! For a few days at least...well, more like two weeks since we won't really be home much. Here's a little tour via photos of the house a little bit cleaner and updated.
Thursday afternoon our friends Brian and Erin and their sweet little lady Micaiah came to hang out. Okay, they didn't really come JUST to see us but we're so glad they decided to stay with us. The kids had fun trying to hang all over Micaiah but she just wanted her space...can't say I blame her one bit! Once the kids were in bed the guys talked shop with a cold homebrew in hand and Erin and I solved all the worlds problems in our own way! It was SO awesome to just sit and talk and not have to be someone else...just being me was great. Thanks for the great conversation Erin. Then we played Apples to that game.

Friday was an early morning and then we went to Crown of Life to help Kari set up for the wedding. Not sure if I was any help but it was great to finally meet Anna and for Naomi and Aly to get to play together for a bit. They had a great time. Brian and I took the kiddos back to our house for naps, while Erin stayed to help decorate and Greg went to pick up my Aunt Rosalie for a quick visit. Uncle Timm wasn't feeling well so opted to sleep and hopefully feel better. They were in San Antonio for PLI and we're so glad we were able to catch up with Aunt Rosalie and she even stayed and had dinner with us! It was great. Brian, Erin and Micaiah headed out for the rehearsal and dinner so we had time to pack (without feeling like we were ignoring our friends) after we took Aunt Rosalie back to her hotel.

Saturday, I made some awesome pancakes if I may say so myself. I found the recipe here. It was a little more involved than our normal pancakes but totally worth it. We got to hang out some more and Erin went to get her hair done for the wedding. The kids took good naps, which was a huge bonus. Jason and Karla came over to watch our kids while we went to the wedding. The wedding was beautiful. Jason and Kari got married at the foot of the cross at Crown of Life Lutheran church. It was a little windy but the weather was gorgeous. They had their reception at the church as well and it was decorated so beautifully. Greg and I kept marveling at the fact that we did not feel like we were in a church gym. The reception was awesome too and we had a great time making new friends...and catching up with old friends. What great memories!

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