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to the gulf

Thursday, April 16, 2009
On Sunday night my dear friend Casey arrived to join us in San Antonio for her spring break! I'm glad her spring break was different than all the schools here in Texas! Greg and Casey surprised me Sunday night by telling me that we were going to the beach for two days. Ahh, bummer and I had hoped we could just lounge around the house! ha! I was SO excited!

We got on the road about 10am on Monday morning and made it to Rockport by 1pm. We went to check in to our sweet little cottage and then hit the beach. It took Naomi a little while to get used to the idea of the gulf but Micah "jumped" right in. The boy was lovin' it! We spent a couple of hours at the beach and then went back to the cottage to cook an awesome dinner! We got to play some cards once the kids were in bed, but sleeping was really off that night. Micah was up a few times and they were both up VERY early on Tuesday morning.

After a little breakfast Casey took Naomi to the clubhouse for a bit and then on a walk which gave Greg, Micah and I a chance to catch a few more zzz's! THANKS CASEY!!!! We went swimming at the pool at the resort, had lunch and then hit up the beach again. We were armed with floating things for the kids and Casey and pails and shovels. The wind was really blowing hard so we didn't stay too long. But we were there a few hours. Then we drove to Corpus Christi to see the USS Lexington and have dinner. The drive home was only two hours from there and the kiddos finally fell asleep before we got home. So, it was nice. What a relaxing time away. A great way to recharge and just be away from it all. Besides I LOVE the beach, Naomi warmed up to it and Micah loved it right away! So, that was our fun little excursion away to the beach!
Check out Casey's blog for a few more photos from the trip!

Unknown said...

i'm so jealous! I LOVE ROCKPORT!!!!

Holly said...

Looks like you had fun. I love the beach!! I also see that Naomi was using her name pillow on the trip. Noah LOVES his name pillow and sleeps with it every night. Andrew gets mad when Noah grabs his and Andrew knows which one says his name. The other day Andrew was pointing out "see Noah this say Andrew." It was funny.

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