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Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Micah got his first haircut on Monday. I decided that he needed to get a little trim so that he could see without having to push the hair out of his eyes. So, after dinner I gave his "bangs" a little trim. I'm thinking he looks a little on the silly side and a little on the "bigger" boy side. He looks different that's for sure. But he's still cute little Micah! And no, his hair isn't normally flippin out at the sides that we post-dinner, pre-bath hair.

At Micah's one year well baby check up he weighed in at 23lbs and was 30.75 inches, which was surprisingly only in the 75 percentile.
Holly said...

I'm glad you didn't cut his curls yet. I know it was hard for me to cut off Noah's curls. They were cute, but I will even admit that he was beginning to look a little girlish by the time we cut those curls.

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