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cleaning a burn and feet

Monday, April 20, 2009
We've spent the better part of the day cleaning.
It's time for a break.
There's more to be done but I feel good about what we've already accomplished. All the bedrooms are clean and the family room is mostly done. We've gotta run the vacuum one more time over the whole house and put a few things away but really we're gotten a lot done today. It feels good to get rid of clutter. There's still a lot of clutter in this house and I have to just let it go but it will make its way out the door soon.
I still need to organize and de-clutter my crafting area and then I will share photos of my space with you. I love it. I do feel bad though because I've taken over Greg's side of the room! Sorry babe! Thanks for allowing me to have a crafting space it really feels good to be creative!
Make sure to check out my other blog for my latest felt food creation. I made them while watching a movie with Greg last night. I am doing a trade with Anna for a sewing book and was trying to come up with some fruits and veggies for Aly. The apples are as far as I have gotten.
Naomi decided to kiss the hot skillet the other day. I think she learned that when we say "Don't touch" it's not just to be bossy or to hear ourselves talk but we really mean it. It's getting worse everyday but in reality that means it's getting better.Love these cute little feet! And I love that I have my camera back!Saying I love you! but really, she has learned how to make the sign for I love you and it's awesome!

I participated in a craft fair/spring festival at our local elementary school on Saturday. At first I thought about selling my felt food but just wasn't ready...and not sure that I'd have time to make personal orders. So, I set up my photographs and showed off my work. I had a drawing for a free session to anyone that signed up to be on my mailing list. I got 22 names so it was totally worth it. And while I was sitting at my booth I got another felt pizza almost done (just have to stuff them). So, it was a worth while evening!

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