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birthday cakes

Monday, April 06, 2009
I am by no means a master baker...or a cake lady (although I do love to eat the stuff). But I am a person who likes to do things myself. Ask anyone that knows me well and they will agree that I'm pretty independent and crafty. I am willing to try just about anything crafty and I try to figure it out on my own. I'm not a perfectionist so this works out pretty good, most of the time! Besides I'm pretty cheap...err..thrifty, so it's much easier on my wallet to do it myself too!

So, when it comes to birthdays, naturally, I want to do it myself. I wonder why I keep hearing that phrase from my two year old....anyway, I have a great time searching the internet for ideas and tutorials and then I figure out how to make it happen. I made Naomi's birthday cake for her second birthday in October and it turned out pretty good. I couldn't think of how else to do Mickey Mouse (her current obsession) until I saw this tutorial and it just clicked and this is how mine turned out. Not bad for my first attempt and not having the correct pans!
So, for Micah's birthday I decided to use the small pyrex bowls again to get a round cake and make some baseballs. I had made Greg a baseball cake one year for one of his surprise parties but it was just a round layer cake. I think using the round pyrex bowls the ball shape was much better. Micah loved ripping into this cake and it made me so happy to see him enjoy it! I hope I get to experiement with some more fun cakes in the future! Let's not get too crazy though!

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