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Wednesday, March 11, 2009
No, I do not want you to step on the scale and I don't want you to ask me to step on the scale either! ugh! Biggest Loser is so not happening right now. I need a swift kick in the pants...anyone wanna volunteer?! Okay, I'm kidding "it's not nice to kick". I found myself saying that a couple of times today.

Anyway, I told you that I was going to ask your advice on which photo to get printed on canvas for me to show future clients...and here's the time. I have made three posts below this one with various options and some with explanations, but I cannot decide. I think that I am too emotionally involved in each photograph so it's hard to remove myself and have a really decisive eye. Does that make sense? So, please leave a comment below each post with your top two or three choices. I would love to hear your reasoning too. AND if you know of another photograph that I have taken that you think would make a sweet canvas let me know that as well. I'm just starting with Naomi, families and Weddings...I may add more in the future once I fall into some money but for now, just three!

I may cut a deal for the "winning" family and allow them to purchase a duplicate canvas at a deep discount but that is still being worked out.

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