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naomi canvas

Wednesday, March 11, 2009
Here are some options for Naomi's canvas.

#1...I really LOVE this photograph but I think if I made it a canvas I would crop some of the tree out...would you?
#2...I love the look on her Naomi
#3...I just love the feel of this one...not sure why.
#4...she's just cute, I can't stop looking at her...ahh...which one!
Dana said...

They are all precious - but I would have to go with number one. I am kind of into pictures with trees into them. Just yesterday Michael noticed our tulip tree was budding and said,"it is almost time for our tree pictures mom." In some ways I am so predictable :)

Mikaela said...

Man, it is hard to pick. It really depends what you're looking for. If you want to capture her smile go with one. Just as a side note when I saw the second one I thought she's got a Jennifer Aniston look...that's a good thing :O) I think I may chose the third one because it's casual, sweet and awesome texture and colors. Whatever one you pick will be a great choice!

Rachel Hill said...

I would choose one where Naomi is on the opposite side of the canvas as Micah was in case you decide to hang them together. Also, I guess if I was going to hang it in my own house, I wouldn't want the purple color of the dress, so I don't know if you could do any of those in B/W instead? My personal favorite of Naomi is the one (not pictured here) of her leaning on the fence and staring into the distance (the first one posted on Feb. 27th) or the one of her in overalls squatting and blowing bubbles.

Anonymous said...

My vote is for #1 or #3. You caught a great smile in #1 and #3 is growing on me very fast as a favorite.

Anonymous said...

For a canvas of all of these I like #2 based on the expression and just the quality of the background. Although I too think if you plan to hang them near each other I might reverse the image?

# 1 - so I'm not sure it will make a good canvas because of the blur of the tree??? I get the artistry but...just not sold

#3 and #4 are cute but I'm not a fan of pastel and dark and the way her dress is hitched up??? #3would be my 2nd choice if I had one but I guess your son't face is so adorable and Naomi's face is too and in #2 I wish I could see more of it.

Someone mentioned a fence...I think I remember that being a shot that I stopped and thought - boy Jamie has a great eye.

And that's another "two cents from a stranger" moment brought to you via the blog.


Anonymous said...

wow I typed that too fast.

# 3: is the comment that I wish I could see more of her face.

#4: is my whole ramble about the dress and the pastel/dark.

Peace and good wishes

Unknown said...

#1 is my favorite I think. I like #2, but the picture's balance is very similar to the canvas you already have of Micah (subject on the left). #4 is good too, but I'm tempted to go back and find the set of photos that go with #1. Is there another one of her by the tree that's more of a close up? I don't remember... But anyway, between these four, #1 gets my vote! :-)

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