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Monday, March 30, 2009
Photoshop is an amazing tool...that I am learning more and more how to use. I took some graphic design courses in college before I switched majors to Theology and that gave me a basic working knowledge of the program. But there is SO much that I do not know and I really lack a good workflow for working with photos after a session. So, I signed up for a photoshop class with Jessica Sprague online. I have only made it through one lesson so far but I learned quite a few tricks. Most of the things she went through I already knew but she helped me learn some short cuts and the most effective way of going through the different steps. I am very pleased with what I have already learned and can't wait to make time to go through the other four lessons. I used what I learned on a few of the photos that I took of Naomi the other day. Straight out of the camera (SOC) they're pretty good... but with a few steps in photoshop I can really make the photos a little more wonderful.
After a little bit of photoshop work...SOCAfter a little bit of photoshop work...The colors just come alive! I'm loving it! Now, I'm not one who loves to photoshop my images to death, I really prefer the natural image rather than lots of grain, texture, crazy colors and stuff (once in a while I'll do that stuff to a few images) but it is nice to learn all the little tricks that photographers use. I am looking forward to going back over some of my favorites and really making them awesome. I'm really looking forward to the black and white lesson with Jessica.
Kimi said...

Jamie -
These are awesome... love it! I'm tempted to do the class too... :)

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