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not broken...

Friday, March 27, 2009
My machine wasn't broken afterall. I changed the needle again and tried some new thread and it seemed to work just fine. So, while I was in the sewing mood I got a few things accomplished. I finished the pillow and burp rags for my little goddaughter, Faith. I made a felt lunch bag and I made a skirt for Naomi. I love the fabric that I used for this skirt and I still have lots to work with. Maybe I'll just keep making more and more skirts for her as she grows. She loves to twirl in her new skirt too! She's really been into dancing lately so it makes me happy to make her a skirt that she wants to dance in!This skirt was pretty simple to make (which is good since I don't have a lot of patience for fussy sewing and I have limited knowledge on the subject). I just cut the length that I wanted for the skirt plus about an inch, then sewed the two ends together so that no seams were showing. I'll have to post a tutorial on that sometime because it's really a neat way to sew things without having a serger. I made a pocket for the elastic at the top and then threaded the elastic through with a safety pin and closed the gap where I put that in. Then I sewed some ribbon onto the bottom of the skirt. I started with sewing the ribbon flush onto the underside of the skirt then folded it over to the front and sewed that down. Pretty simple but pretty nice too! Naomi loves her skirt and I can't wait to make her some more!

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