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how do you spell that?

Friday, March 06, 2009
Learning the ABC song was pretty easy for Naomi, but it still took a while to get down. She loves to sing and that's always a good way to memorize things. She still has trouble with a few of the letters...there are three "B's" in her alphabet (no G or V). She knows what "A" looks like but doesn't really recognize any other letters. So, in an effort to get her to learn her name I spelled out her name in painters tape on the table. We worked on tracing the letters and just recognizing them. It seems now that she knows A and O and whenever we get to M she says, Micah. So, she knows that Micah starts with M but I'm begining to think that she thinks the letter M is called Micah...ha! I have a few other ideas about learning the letters of her name that I hope to try in the next week or so. I know I saw this idea on some homeschooling blog but I read so many that I lost if this was your idea, Thanks!

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