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valentine's day crafts

Tuesday, February 03, 2009
Today we did a little work on some crafts for Valentine's Day. We made a window hanging out of contact paper, construction paper hearts and circles and some little flower pieces. N loves stickers so to put paper on a big giant sticker is lots of fun to her. The most fun that she had though was after we were done putting the window decal (for lack of a better word) together and she got to cut paper. This was the first time that I let her try out a pair of scissors (of course she used the blunt tip kid scissors). She sat there and cut paper for at least forty minutes! I can't wait to do some other cutting exercizes that I've seen. I know she's not ready for them yet but she will be soon.
She also asked to paint for a little bit, so I gave her a big piece of news print and red paint and let her have at it. Later she asked for blue paint as well. I plan on using the painting to cut out some hearts to decorate the house a little more!

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