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the great outdoors

Saturday, February 28, 2009
...we just watched the end of that classic movie. Ahhh...memories!

It's been pretty nice here lately so we've been playing outside more. Micah got to play in the sandbox for the first time the other day. He didn't try to eat the sand but every little leaf that was in the sandbox made it to his mouth. We also got the bubbles out. Micah got a cool bubble lion for Christmas from his cousins and it was great that we could put it to good use. The kids loved it! Micah got so happy when the bubbles were coming out and Naomi of course wanted to do it "all by myself". Yesterday it was 94 degrees and we tried to turn the air on but alas it did not work. Bummer. Not sure what the problem is but we're okay for now. It's cooler today and only in the 60's and VERY windy. So, for now we can still say that we haven't turned on our air, although we did try! That's so crazy to me...but whatever, it comes with the territory. And having air down here is like having heat in just can't really live without it (so hopefully it will be an easy fix). Here are some photos from our fun outside the other day.
I love that you can actually see the bubble pop, what a fast camera! love it!
I don't know how many of you know how talented my husband is ... he took these next four photos! Talent man, talent!

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