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fresh flowers

Saturday, February 21, 2009
Small gestures of appreciation do not go unnoticed. It's not every day that someone says, "thanks for being the wife of our Pastor",
"thanks for changing diapers and wiping noses",
"thanks for giving up some of your family time to open your home to us for our Bible study". But someone did say thanks (for the last one) and in a very nice and thoughtful way. After I had told Greg not to buy me flowers for Valentine's Day, it was nice to get some fresh flowers in the house.

The fragrance.
The color.
The simple joy.

Is it bad that I don't let my husband spend money on flowers but I love the gesture of others for bringing me flowers?

Almost makes me want to plant a rose garden.


The Bible study that we had in our home was for the leaders or "equippers" of the Christ Care small groups. Mt. Calvary will be sending my husband and two others to St. Louis for a week of training for these small group Bible studies. To get them prepared they are supposed to get together in a small group for Bible study and start seeing in action what they will be teaching and implimenting. I am excited to be a part of this as well since I am not usually able to attend Bible Studies other than those on Sunday mornings. And, they have agreed to meet at our house after the kids have gone to bed. How awesome. Praise God for the kindness of these equippers!

Robyn said...

Jamie, whether you know it or not, many of us are thankful for you being a Pastor's wife. I don't know if I would be a strong enough woman to share my husband with an entire congregation. So I want to say thanks.


Jon and Lani said...

Hooray for flowers...and ChristCare Small Groups! I still work for Stephen Ministries a bit on the'll get some good training! :)

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