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what a night...

Saturday, January 17, 2009
I heard two announcements last night (that were very similar) that I have not heard in a LONG time.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the time is now 8:50 and JoAnn's will be closing in 10 minutes, please bring you final purchases to the counter."

"Ladies and gentlemen, the time is now 10:50 and Barnes and Noble will be closing in 10 minutes, please bring you final purchases to the counter."

Ahh! What a night. I was supposed to go the movies with some girls but they had things come up so girls night was cancelled. But I was not about to let that stop me from getting out. I started out at Thrift town and found some awesome sheets to make into lounge pants from the pattern that I got in this awesome book for Christmas. So excited.

Then I spent two and a half hours at JoAnn Fabrics. A new store just opened in town and it's HUGE! I found some great deals and bought lots of fabric at 40% off! I'm going to make the apron from that book too! So excited. It was so nice to not be in a rush and to just do whatever I wanted.

I was about to head home at 9pm but then noticed a Barnes and Noble and thought I'd take advantage of the very capable and willing hands at home (Greg and Jordan). So, I spent almost two hours at Barnes and Noble, browsing, reading, getting ideas and just generally relaxing and recharging me! It was SO NICE and so needed!!! I also bought three books...who can resist!

I hope to do this type of thing more often. I need time to just dream and plan for my photography business. I need time for me. It's nice to have girls nights but it's also great to just have "me" nights too. And I'm sure Greg and Jordan didn't mind having pizza and hanging out either!!!

Thanks so much Greg for encouraging me to "get lost" and take my time. It was so great. This morning was great too. I woke up at 6:30am to feed Micah, then put him back in bed and then Naomi was up by 7am. So, I played with her till 8:45am and then "tagged" Greg so I could sleep a little longer. He made breakfast while I was sleeping and I had no clue that it was going on. He made french toast and it was so yummy! He also did the dishes afterwards. This isn't something new but we usually take turns one cooks it and one cleans up after but he did it all! What a sweetie!

Thanks babe for spoiling me last night and this morning! You really helped me to recharge! So excited to get some things done for my business. I better get to work before the kiddos wake up! BYE!
Rachel Hill said...

Last time Matt and I had a date, we went to Barnes and Noble at the end and I sat there and read books about photography :) And I loved it too... Tomorrow we have a babysitter and it's educator's discount week at Barnes and Noble, so crazy things could happen again. We're so wild :)

Elisa said...

Awesome - sounds like a great date! It's great getting 'me' time and browsing at your own one waiting for you to finish, it's all yours! :)

Holly said...

I know it's hard for us Moms to take time for ourselves sometimes, so good for you. Glad you had a good night.

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