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Thursday, January 08, 2009
of our vacation was great. We really enjoyed just hanging out and spending time away from home for a bit and with family more importantly. On Sunday we went to church, and then in the evening my friend Troy, from highschool whom I haven't seen in 8 or so years came over. It was fun to catch up with him again.
On Monday we went back to the Wild Animal park and took the African Safari! It was neat to see the animals in their "natural" habitats...and to see them up close. Uncle John and Aunt Gerri came over for dinner and it was so great to see them again too. Naomi was glad to put a face with the parents borrowed Aunt Gerri's car while she was in WI so we rode in her car while my parents were still in CA, and every time we got in the car Naomi would say, "we're in Gerri's car" and after the Wild Animal Park the first time she said, "I go night night in Gerri's car". So, it was fun that Naomi could meet Aunt Gerri again.
We flew back on Tuesday, we left San Diego at 10:55 and got home by 7:30pm. The kids both slept on the second flight from Denver to SA...that was SO nice! We're glad to be home but had a great time away as well. I think we're almost adjusted to the time change (seemed to be easier than going backwards in time) and the laundry is I just need to get my Christmas decorations put away. Anyone wanna help?

We flew Frontier on the way home (hence the layover in Denver) and they have TV screens on the back of all the can pay $5.99 to watch tv or $8 to watch a movie...but it's free for the first five minutes of the flight. They had a live flight channel where you could see where you were on the map and it also included the speed and fast do you think planes go? We only saw the first five minutes but it was up to 619 before the tv's got turned off. Crazy...I guess I just didn't think they went THAT fast, but they do. Just a little info for your day. (sorry the photo is blurry I didn't want to use my flash since I wasn't supposed to have "electronic devices" on. Does a camera count in that anyway?)

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