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wednesday 6-11

Wednesday, June 11, 2008
She was all about the orange today. She LOVES to color and asks to do so about 20 times a day. And it usually involves tracing her hand.Check out her funny teeth!

She's got killer blue eyes!I found this cute onesie for Micah at the local resale boutique! love it!
Maybe that other onesie from the other day should have said chunky monkey! love those cheeks!
Naomi in her cute Steve and Barry's PJ's. I had to put a onesie underneath because her track record with those kind of pj's isn't so good. Kisses for brother.
All ready for bed. And that's where they are right now...ahhh!
tiapugh said...

I have a SUPER easy pattern for kiddo pants. They take about 20 minutes to make from first cut to last stitch. That's the kind of project I like.
I'll have to find what number it is...

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