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the 5 minute nap

Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Tuesday was "one of those days". Greg was home sick (he's better now). Naomi was cranky and Micah did not want to sleep. I was exhausted and all of these factors were not helping that. I got Naomi down for her nap (well, she was in her room talking to herself like she usually does till she falls asleep) and was ready for Micah to sleep for the normal 2-3 hours that he does in the afternoon but he was not having it. I'd get him to sleep, lay him down and then 5 minutes later he was awake and crying. So I'd rock him again, lay him down, 5 minutes later he's awake. So I nursed him, lay him down, 5 minutes later he's awake. So I tried the swing. Finally, he was asleep for more than 5 minutes. But then I got stupid and turned the swing off because I read that babies will sleep more soundly if they are not moving, the idea is to get them to sleep using the swinging motion and then stop that motion. So I did, and what did I get...10 minutes. Thanks! Okay, so it was one of those days, we all have them. And I know that my bad days are not nearly as bad as some people have it but I just thought I'd take a moment and complain. Sorry. But doesn't he look cute in the swing.
Jon and Lani said...

oh man. I just posted five new things and four new photo albums on facebook and i only have ONE kiddo to contend with. Don't feel bad! I think you're doing a great job! I'm totally impressed with how you stay on top of your posts! You are doing a great job!!

tiapugh said...

We just tool this class based on the book "happiest baby on the block" and I am sold. You should look for the DVD. Anyhow it says that babies will sleep longer and more soundly when they are swaddled and the movement of a swing can help even all night. They say swaddled babies can sleep 2 hours more at a time. If you google. Dr. Harvey Karp you might find more.

Jamie said...

Micah LOVES to be swaddled and if I can get him to sleep while he's swaddled he will usually stay that way all night (for the few hours he sleeps at a time). He's doing good at napping and is starting to get into a routine. We'll see if he sleeps through the night at two months like his sister did, but I'm not holding my breath! Tuesday was just one of those days!

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