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three months

Wednesday, January 12, 2011
My little girl is three months old today!
Man time sure does fly by!
I put her on the scale this morning and is said 13...
so I have no idea how many ounces but that's okay.
And she is 2 feet tall! How fun is that?!

Here are her 3 month calendar photos!

Hannah is such a good baby.
She LOVES to be swaddled when sleeping.
She loves her pacifier (first kid of mine that does).
She loves to kick and play and watch Naomi and Micah play.
She has rolled over a number of times,
but not every single day.
She sleeps through the night and has been for about a month.
She usually goes to bed around 9pm and
gets up around 8am the next morning!!
Which I LOVE!
She is not stingy with her smiles
and we love her so much!
I cannot imagine my life without our sweet little Hannah.

Here are some shots I got of Hannah
at her three month mini session!

And a real life shot for you!

Hayley said...

Awwww how'd you balance her on those scales? Thats so cute! She is VERY sweet!

Theresa said...

Great pictures. Must be some great camera trick on the scale one!
What a blessing that she sleeps through the night like that.

km said...

I'm in awe of her ADORABLE-ness!!! WHAT a little sweetheart!

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