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Saturday, January 08, 2011
Since January 1st came and went so quickly and
since we were enjoying time with my parents,
Greg took Naomi out on their date tonight.

He took her to Freddy's!
We really like Freddy's, they have great burgers,
Philly cheese-steak and awesome frozen custard!

Look, they even brought back frozen custard for those of us that stayed home!

Tara said...

LOOKS LIKE A FUN DATE NIGHT WITH DADDY! I love your new header. Your kiddos are so cute!

Holly said...

Yummy!! I'll take some frozen custard too!!

Lucy, Murray and Ginny's Mom said...

I so LOVE this idea. With number 3 on the way Nick and I have been talking a lot about spending more 1 on 1 time intentionally with the kids...obviously it happens, but we'd like to point it out to them that we're doing it b/c we love them. Nick and I keep coming back to this idea for Lucy. With this year being her golden birthday (turning 5 on the 5th) she's become super excited and I think she might finally remember her birthday and not Murray's! So, I'm thinking I might make a push for Lucy and Nick to start this in February with a date to her favorite....Applebees :)

k said...

What a beautiful testimony of your honor and love for your parents. In this day and age where many children just want their parents OUT of their lives, you mourn their absence. This, truly, is a great you and your children. Your children will see and feel the love you have for your family, and it will render their hearts.
Many blessings and thanks for sharing that.

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