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birthday date

Tuesday, December 07, 2010
So, I turned 31 on Saturday...crazy?!
I remember when I was young I thought 30 was
now it's not that old at all!
I asked Naomi the day before how old she thought I was,
she said, "40" ha! oh well.

My birthday was great.
The big kids got to hang out at church all morning,
Naomi had Christmas program practice,
then the youth watched kids so parents could do some Christmas shopping.
We just came home and hung some lights in Naomi's room
and started some cleaning...
then Greg, Hannah and I went out for lunch
before picking up the big kids.

Have you ever watched Diners Drive-ins and Dives on Food Network?
We love that show...we're big fans of the "hole in the wall" restaurants
and well, food in general! can't you tell!
Anyway, Guy Fieri has been to San Antonio a few times.
We tried out one of the places he was at when my sister was here in January
we weren't too impressed.
Then we were reminded of this other place called "The Cove" close to downtown.
Greg had planned my birthday date and that is where we went.

Here's a little synopsis straight from their website:
"Welcome to The Cove! Restaurant, Beer Garden, Live Music venue and oh yeah, a laundromat and carwash. Don't let that throw you off , The Cove is all about having a good time and enjoying great food with friends and family and doing laundry or washing your car, if your in the mood.

Our philosophy is Eat Well! Live Well! We serve SOL food! Sustainable, Organic, Local.

All of our meats (beef, bison, lamb and chicken) are grass fed and from Texas. No Antibiotics, No Hormones. All of our greens are organic - no pesticide residue. All of our oils are non-hydrogenated. We serve Boylan Sodas- no high fructose corn syrup."

The food was good and the sangria was great!
They also had live music, which we're always big fans of.
They have a playground for kids to play on and kids eat free on Tuesday nights.
It's a very fun, family friendly place! Can't wait to take the kids there!

Then we went to see a movie at the Rivercenter theatre
after which we walked around down by the Riverwalk for a bit,
before heading up to street level and back to our car.
It was a great date!
We live in a great city!
I love spending time like that with my hubby and really we haven't
had a REAL kid-free date in quite a while!

Thanks Susan and Meagan for braving all the kids!
We had a blast and we know the kids loved hanging out with you two as well!
Theresa said...

Happy Birthday Jamie! You are still young :)
Glad you had a wonderful date night with your hubby. That place sounds like my style!

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