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quick trip to missouri

Saturday, August 21, 2010
After we found out that Greg's grandpa had passed away
we began making preperations for a trip to MO for the funeral.
We started looking at flights and once we realized that it would take
nearly $700 just for Greg to get there we realized it wasn't really an option.

So we thought we could all go together and just drive.
Our initial plan was to leave Sunday (the 15th) after church
but as we talked more and Greg talked with the Sr. Pastor
we realized we could leave on Saturday and get to Frohna by Sun.
This ended up being a good thing, because if we would have waited
to leave on Sunday we would not have made it in time for the visitation.

We stayed Saturday night in Texarkana in a hotel.
Naomi couldn't figure out why there weren't more rooms in the hotel room.
I think this was her first "able to remember" hotel experience!
We had a miserable night since we didn't get in till 11pm
and then Naomi vomited three times around 6am,
we just didn't get much sleep.
But we left the hotel around 10am and headed to Frohna.
We made it there by dinner time and it was great to be with family.

On Monday all the kids went to the creek...
well, the cousins all went to throw rocks and such but our kids
already had their church clothes on so we didn't let them go.
But Uncle Doug drove them down there for a photo op.

They all enjoyed playing great grandma's piano...
we didn't all enjoy it as much as they did,
but at least they had a good time.

The visitation went fine. The Pastor had a great family devotion for us.
Then we went back to the hotel to have pizza, and for some swimming.
Greg's cell phone went swimming with him so that was a bummer.
Naomi got sick again Monday evening...not fun...
she missed the bucket because it came so suddenly.

The funeral was at 10am on Tuesday.
My kids were a little cranky but we managed to not be
"the center of attention" and held it together okay during the service.
The committal was very touching as they had military personnel there
and shot their guns and taps was played.
That always gets me.

It was a beautiful service and a great way to remember Grandpa Ruben!

After the funeral there was a lunch provided by people of the congregation.
The spread was amazing!
Thanks so much to everyone who helped make this day so special,
a great way to remember grandpa and rejoice in his life.

We got the whole family together for a group photo.
Only one member of the family is missing from the photo (besides gpa).
It was so great that everyone was there,
from St. Louis, to Indy, to Louisville, to San Antonio, to Denver
we were all there...again, to celebrate grandpa's life.

We spent the night on Tuesday in Wildwood, MO (suburb of St. Louis)
at Greg's aunts gorgeous house. It was great to have our four families together.
Naomi did get sick on the car ride to aunt Gayle's house but has been fine ever since.
I took a few photos of my niece Kiley...she's grown so much in 2.5 months!

We also did a few family photos too.
It's not very often that all of us are able to be together at the same time.
Here's grandma and grandpa with their 7 grandkids
(I should have stucky my belly in the side of the photo! ha)

And here's all four of our families!
Greg and his two sisters and parents.

And here's our little family of five!
It's weird to say that.

Love these random shots of my kiddos playing with the fountain.

Greg and I and my 32 week baby bump!

Wednesday morning everyone was packing up to drive home
and our van wouldn't start! yipee!
So, we got a jump and it worked fine.

We then went to lunch with some of the family and then we decided
to stop at Peace (where I used to work) in South St. Louis County
to say hi to Tammy and some others.
When we left the van wouldn't start again, so Tammy gave us a jump again.
Then we headed over to Walmart to get a new battery.
Luckily it was still under warranty so we didn't have to pay any money...
we just had to pay with our time.
There were other cars in front of us and these people didn't seem to be in
any rush we waited at Walmart for 2.5 hours
for them to do a 5 minute job.

The kids fell asleep pretty much as soon as we got on the road to Memphis.
We stayed Wed. night with my aunt and uncle in the Memphis area,
then headed to Plano, TX to stay with our friends on Thursday night.
We finally made it home on Friday around 2pm.
It was a great trip...exhausting but great to see everyone.
The circumstances were not great but we know that grandpa is in heaven
so we have hope in the resurrection.

So, what's up with Naomi?
Well, the little lady has vomited about every other night since July 31.
Her dr. put her on a pro-biotic for a while to try and get
rid of any bad bacteria that may be in her system.
She was still vomiting.
So, they put her on prevacid.
She was still vomiting.
So, our next step is to take her to a GI doctor on August 30th.
Her dr. mentioned being scoped for an ulcer...
but Naomi has not vomited since Tuesday night,
so we're hopeful that the GI dr. may find that unnecessary.
I'm kinda wondering if she just needed to get more
of the prevacid in her system.
And we've cut out all dairy from her diet...poor girl.

We'll keep you posted...
would you mind keeping her in your prayers?
Theresa said...

Praying for Naomi. Hope her belly is all better.

katherine marie said...

ohhhh geez... you all have been through so much. I've been thinking of you guys--- thanks for the update- I just wish it was better!!! I love seeing your baby belly and your family pics. Tell Naomi shes got lots of prayers from INDIANA! xoxoxoxox

Chrissy said...

Just stopping by after your comment on my page...Cards did win! ;o)

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