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exhausted and some pics

Wednesday, August 25, 2010
I won some hand soap at Bunco last night.
It's called Caribbean escape from B&BW.
I was wondering if I could just have the Caribbean escape
without the soap?

Exhaustion doesn't begin to describe how I feel.
It's hormones, exhaustion and other craziness that is going on
in and around my life right now.
I feel like an IV drip of caffeine wouldn't even begin to help.
My house is hoping that the nesting bug will kick in soon.

Greg and I were supposed to get away for an EARLY anniversary
stay at a bed and breakfast...
but it happened to fall last week while we were in MO for the funeral.
I'm bummed but SUPER glad we were all able to be in MO.

Don't know if we'll be able to reschedule or not.
The place we were going to go offers full-time church workers
two free nights a year.
But they changed the available free nights to
the first and third weeks of the month and only on wed and thurs.
Thus limiting the time we can go and Sept starts the busy season for Greg.
(that's why we were going to go in August).
I was looking forward to two mornings of sleeping till I woke up,
lazy afternoons walking around downtown Fredericksburg,
hanging with Greg just the two of us
and letting another family enjoy our kids for two days!

Oh well, I guess we'll just have to see what we can come up with for the future.
But I really could use that Caribbean escape,
think my dr. would let me fly to Hawaii at 33 weeks preggo!? me either.

I've been doing some "school" with Naomi.
She loves it.
Asks everyday, "when is it school time?"
We're having fun and if I have the energy we actually do more than just worksheets
but don't worry she loves the worksheets too.

I took some photos of the kids on Monday...
it wasn't an official "back to school" photo op,
but since everyone else in SA was going back to school
I figured I'd take some of my kiddos as well!
Here are some of my favs...

Micah loves pretending that he's Buzz Lightyear...

he does a pretty good job!
To infinity and beyond.

sorry about the randomness of this post...
its the exhaustion talking!

Theresa said...

Hope some of your energy comes back soon and that you are able to reschedule your getaway.

lanie said...

I'm bummed for you. I LOVE Fredricksburg. And a tropical getaway sounds nice too. At least things have cooled off just a tad here in Texas. I can't believe you are so close to having that baby! Of course, to you, the last weeks loom ahead and I know how rough they can be. Hang in there!

A Little McD said...

Great pics of some CUTE kiddos! Visiting from TGC new friend friday. Hello new blog friend! :)

Kat said...

Dropping by from New Friend Friday... love your pics. You have two beautiful children!

km said...

HANG IN THERE!!!! Save your energy as much as you can... because soon you'll be taking photos of THREE gorgeous little ones. LOVE YA!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxox

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