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csn stores review

Tuesday, August 10, 2010
So, you may remember a while ago when I told you
about the awesome opportunity I had to purchase something
from CSN Stores and review their stores and their products,
here and here.

Well, after some thinking it became obvious to me
what we could really use and what would be beneficial
for not only me but the whole family to purchase with this gift.

We have some frying pans that are almost 8 years old.
They were a wedding gift and we're very appreciative of the gift,
but the pans were starting to look really sad
and the coating on the pans was starting to chip...
and who wants black pan in their food anyway?

So I looked at one of the hundreds of stores that CSN has to offer,
and found the perfect frying pans for our family.
These pans were originally $100 but were marked down
to $39.95, and they're STILL on sale.
Go get some before the sale is over.

These Emeril pans got many good reviews from customers.
Which made me even more happy about the sale.
I placed my order on a Friday and had an email
waiting for me a little later that day saying my pans had been shipped.
Are you kidding me?
Shipped on the same day as ordered?
and even within hours?

My large CSN Store box was waiting for me on the
following Tuesday morning when I got home from being out.
That was quick...I was so excited!
yes, over frying pans come on people I live a simple life!

Inside the box are some directions on how to properly care for the pans.
They don't go in the dishwasher,
(which is probably why the other ones got so bad)
obviously you're not supposed to use metal objects on them,
and they have different temperatures listed
for the different kinds of cooking you are doing.

Look at these, aren't they gorgeous!!???

Greg put them to the ultimate test as soon as he got home from work.
Grilled Cheese!

If you've never heard Greg's idea for his someday restaurant
well, then that may not make sense to you...
but imagine a restaurant where all they serve is different kinds of
grilled cheese (and some soups)
and he's going to call it "MELT"
I think it's been done before but we swear it was
an original idea while we were in California visiting E&C
about two years ago for Christmas.

Back to the pans!
They worked great.
Heated evenly.
And we had a delicious grilled cheese
and tomato soup dinner
in the middle of July
in southern Texas.

Yes, we're weird and we're okay with that!

As Emeril would say, "BAM"

I loved the whole CSN Store experience.
The only problem is that they have SO many great products it's hard to choose.
But think about Christmas,
if you know what you're going to get for someone
this is a great place to shop.
The prices are great, shipping is fast and customer service is awesome!
Go check em out!!!
Theresa said...

I've heard good things about CSN. I will have to check them out. Great deal on your pans. We love grilled cheese too.

shelaby_96 said...

You are not weird! I would eat grilled cheese everyday if I could! Love Greg's idea for a restaurant! Thank you for the info on the pans and the CSN store...I will DEFINITELY be checking that out! Have an awesome day! :)

katherinemarie said...

WE love grilled cheese over here! And GREAT pans make life so much EASIER, don't they?!!!

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