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Thursday, July 22, 2010
I failed my first glucose test
and have to do the three hour test in two weeks.
But since my number was close to the cut off
my doctor isn't too worried and thinks I'll pass the next one.
On the bright side, in two weeks I'll get a three hour vacation!
ha! I'll have to sit at the doctors office and read a book
and get my finger pricked every few hours!
I'm not worried about it.
I've got one more day till my hubby comes back
from his two week vacation!
ha! It wasn't a vacation at all...he's been working hard.
But I'm excited to have him home.
I have a deep respect for single mothers and military wives.
I don't know how you do it.
I had my mother-in-law here for week one and
I'm pretty sure I would be in the looney bin without her help.
All you moms out there who are alone with the kiddos
for more than a week at a time,
my hat is off to you!
You are amazing!
You are incredible!
I wonder how you do it!
this post is really random.
I've got lots of post about...
without a desire to do so.
That is why you get the most random post of the year.
I'm looking for some quest bloggers to help me out
when it comes to baby time in October.
Would you be willing to write a guest post for me?
a tutorial?
your favorite craft?
your favorite book?
anything really...within reason!
Let me know if you'd be willing to help me out
and we'll get something scheduled!
Theresa said...

Oh, I failed my first glucose test and then passed the three hour one. I was told that was common. I never guest posted before but I would be willing to help you out :)

Angie said...

Hope your 3 hour test is different than mine. Couldn't eat and it wasn't a finger prick. It was a whole tube each time. Yuck. Mine was just like that too though the numbers were close so you probably have nothing to worry about :)

Talk to you soon I hope

Anna Maschke said...

I had the three hour test with Ali (I passed it). My experience was like Angies--fasting and then four tubes of blood(one before I drank the stuff and then three after)...and a new prick for each of them. However, I'm glad you have sure a good outlook...I'm sure you will pass with flying colors! I did!

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