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naomi funnies

Monday, July 19, 2010
Naomi really is a funny girl.
She says things that make me laugh on a regular basis.
I started a Naomi quote of the day thing on my facebook page.
Someday I may share them here...

Tonight since Greg is out of town our friends had us over for dinner
before our Christ Care meeting.
Then Larry and Shannon watched the kids while Wanda and I went to the meeting.
Larry and Shannon took the kids to the park and the pool!
The kids had a blast.
When Wanda and I got back from our meeting
the kids were watching the Little Mermaid.
Then we were getting ready to go and Wanda was trying
to turn on one of the lambs when the bulb burned out.

We get to the front door and Naomi says in her most sweet innocent voice,
"I'm sorry"
Wanda says, "for what, that the bulb burned out"
to which Naomi replies,
"No, I'm sorry that I have to go"

I couldn't stop laughing. What a girl.

On the way home she kept telling me that I was making her sad.
I asked why and she said because she loves Mrs. L so much.
I told her that I understand and that she didn't have to be sad.
She said, "but don't worry mom, I love you too"
She kept talking about loving people and I told her
that it's okay to love lots of people.
She said she loves everyone.
But then said, "but I don't have to love the people on the Food Network"
Ha, that girl and the Food Network.

Did I ever tell you that she "plays" Food Network?
She'll get out all her plastic food and PLAY food network,
it's so fun to watch!

Those are my funny Naomi stories for you today!
Stay tuned there are sure to be many more in the months to come.
Like when the baby gets closer to coming I'm sure.

Okay, one more quick story...about the baby and Naomi.
She wanted it to be a girl for a long time.
Now she wants another brother.
I think she just wants to be the only girl?!
Sometimes if I say outloud that I'm pregnant when answering a question or something,
she'll go "You're PREGNANT?" like she's never heard that before.
She also asks me on a daily basis if the baby is going to come out today!
So fun!!!

Cranberry Morning said...

That is funny. I love the line about not having to love the people on the Food Network. lol

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